Our development corporation, Grupo Do It S.A. founded the largest retail hardware and construction material business in Guanacaste, El Lagar/ Do It Center is part of the El Lagar retail chain with 19 locations throughout Costa Rica. We work with top engineers, construction companies and project managers to supply Costa Rica with the most diverse line of imported products from construction materials, hardware, industrial and home furnishings.

The development arm of Grupo Do It, Do It Development, has a diverse portfolio of businesses, co developing Vistas del Pacifica, a 173 acre residential project in playa Panama, developing Vistas Estates 111 acre residential project in Playa Panama, Catalina Cove 223 acre residential project in Playa Brasilito. Discovery Costa Rica 2182 acre master planned theme park and residential community located 2 kilometers from the Liberia International airport, Our diverse portfolio includes real estate holdings, commercial centers and buildings, hardware stores, gas stations, rock quarry, furniture import and retail center

Do It Foundation: A Costa Rican registered non profit foundation was founded in 2005 by John Scheman to help assist rural Costa Rican schools by supplying building materials and general maintenance to make class rooms and learning environments safer. The foundation also provides wheelchairs to people with disabilities at no cost and is the distribution partner of The Free Wheelchair Mission of California. The foundation is responsible for importing, assembling and later donating over 18,000 wheelchairs for the less fortunate in Costa Rica. Assisting us in our vision are Hospital Clinica Biblica, an 88-year-old Christian non-profit hospital, local health departments throughout various municipalities, area churches, the Red Cross and the Lions Club. Current 2017 directors are; President and founder John Scheman, Director Tom Turner, Director Bill McCollum, managing director Mauricio Rivera, operation manager Silvia Villalobos, social action department Karen Villalobos and Ileana Rodriguez. The foundation is 100% volunteered base with no compensation being paid to board of directors or management.

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